Tuesday, May 17, 2005


We are currently in Fernanadina, FL, about to leave for Georgia
waters. Blog has been updated.
Vinnie and Maria

The city was beautiful; even the canons were decorated nicely.
In St. Augustine we visited Castillo de San Marco. This fort protected the Spanish soldiers and citizens of St. Augustine for hundreds of years. It was a remarkable star shaped stucture with domed rooms and a dry moat. Near by was Mose. The Spanish gave freedom and this place to live to escaped slaves who pledged allegience and service to Spain and the Catholic church.
On the way to St. Augustine we stopped at Fort Matanzas. This lovely inlet was named "slaughter" in Spanish after 100's of French soldiers were executed there on the beach.
We've been cruising up the ICW and enjoying This was a morning just south of Merritt Island. We were anchored near a tiny, noname island for a beautiful sunrise and a chorus line of dolphins.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

But before we leave the home for wayward boats, this is a piece of local legend. This old wooden boat (about 60 feet) is owned by a man in prison. He pays the storage fees and dreams of being released and sailing away. But she sits in the yard, rotting quietly with her masts falling and keel broken. Or so the legend says.
She's in.
Thanks to Wendy and Olivier, Neptune was appeased with a bottle of champagne rather than a trickle of beer. Amante was christened and ready to launch. Vinnie was christened as well.
Olivier and Wendy on their newly launched "Belum". After 11 months of hard work and major renovations, they are preparing to sail to South America and adventures away from the dock. Belum means "not yet" in Indonesian and they learned its meaning first hand, both during their work there in International aide and with the uncertainties of boat building. Ciao Bella.