Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy boy

We all had a great time taking part in Luke's first bath. Big thanks to the Pink Bath Princess for her invaluable help.
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Happy Birthday

Chiara, James, and Luke were home in time for Norah's birthday. It was a grand time and she is now ready to be a princess every day of the week.

The spell

Like the little mermaid, we've lost our water wings and become land animals, otherwise known as doting grandparents.
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He is here

On Saturday we went to the hospital to meet the baby. Norah was thrilled. "That's baby Yuke. He's my yiddle bruh-der".  It was wonderful to meet this little person who for so long had masqueraded as part of Chiara's tummy.  Finally we borrowed James and went out for ice cream.  Our almost three year old was crushed when it was time to leave him at the hospital.  "I have to go with Daddy" she wailed.  When asked about this she cried, "He needs me".  Fortunately, this too passed.

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Good morning

Finally, early Saturday morning, Luke Calvin Hemsley arrived. Norah stayed home with Grandpa and Oma while Nonna went in to greet they new baby.
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While mommy worked

Then Nonna arrived and we all went for a bike ride with her cool bike.
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Fun at the farm

While Chiara and James were hard at work, Norah visited with the baby "aminals" at the Dane Family Farm. Although she claimed to like the chickens best, the baby goat and yittle yamb got most of her attention. Thanks to the Dane family for a wonderful time.

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A perfect day

Finally, on Friday May 28, after days of reading and playing and projects; it was time for Chiara to work on the most important project of all. While she went into the hospital for labor, we wandered off into clear blue skies.
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Pondering the lives of ants

"Where do the ants come from? Why are they coming in the house? Look, I see a boid. It's a goil cardnal. "
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Beautiful helper

Like Cinderella, one of her favorite people, Norah is a princess and a cheerful helper, even when wearing her gown for the ball. Someday her prince will come.
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Tending the harvest

Norah loves watering the flowers.

Both sides now

Norah is almost 3 and able to achieve great triumphs and think profound thoughts. Like most of us she seldom can manage both at once.
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Friday, June 04, 2010

Science reports

A genetic basis for sleeping position has been identified in Iowa City.  Chiara and Norah are proof.
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Iowa's hopping

We arrived in Iowa City to find Chiara, James, and Norah eagerly awaiting their new baby.
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What calls us back

Family photos indicated that it was time to leave Atlanta and drive north. Chiara and Alessia are big with our next grandchildren. Future big sister Norah and big brother Ethan, appear to be heading off for their collage admission interviews.  We've been gone too long.
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Kate on stage

We tucked in the boat and made it to Atlanta just in time to see Katherine's concert.  Glad we did.
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The Anniversary

Bill and Leslie were married in April years ago.  Although we had not met or even heard their names, we look back to celebrate with them and hope for more good times together in the future.  Congratulations to you.
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Once ready for departure, we had a sudden change of plans: two new ship mates. In half an hour's time, somehow, Jeremie, Jason, and Jeremie's alternator were ready to head west with us for the St. John's River. The spinnaker flew on the banks and then we slogged with following seas for several days. Having these sailors aboard was wonderful. Unfortunately the food stores ran low and we can only apologize for some of the plates of stuff passed off as meals.
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Time has come

And suddenly we found that it was time for us to head back to the states.
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Last beach walk

And suddenly, Cecca and Jarrod's visit was over. Two weeks is too short and our only complaint is that they left before we were ready to see them go.
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At last

During their visit the beautiful Bahama's spring finally arrived. The bananas were ripening and the key limes were exploding off the trees and rolling down the lawn in a flood.
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the best part of sailing is

And in the middle of hiking and sailing and exploring and photographing and swimming and rescues and adventures, they still found time to play bocci ball and hang out with the neighbors.
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prickers and beans

Beauty can be costly.  In harvesting golden "sea pearls", Cecca and Jarrod paid with thorns in their thumbs and fingers and scratches on their arms and legs.  But, who's complaining ?