Sunday, January 14, 2007

Teasing the Bride

A family tradition is the wedding chair dance. It gives the bride a chance to enjoy unmitigated terror and the rest of us an entertaining time.

Vinnie can dance

Thanks to the generosity and expertise of Dr. Daniel Spitzer, Vinnie was able to dance with the new Ms. Alessia Bradford. Funny, he never was able to dance much before.

The Blessed Event

Alessia and Jim had a beautiful wedding and a great, fun reception.


With wedding preparations in good order, the wedding day arrived. Melanie came from New York to bring updo's and glamor to Alessia and her court. Even in their ordinary clothing, they were gorgous young women. The young men were also remarkably elegant when transplanted into their tuxedos.

Heading North

In late November, we took wheels and traveled to Michigan for Christmas and the marriage of our daughter Alessia and her Jim. All the kids were wearing their adult outfits, but here they are in their earlier selves.

Katherine's Birthday

Also on November 24, Katherine, Maria's neice was 11 years old. Here she demonstrates pasta finesse in Rome. We can only guess what her next adventure will be.


We also discovered that we have not always been as suave and sophisticated as we are now.


After settling Amante in the boatyard, in mid November we drove up to Atlanta for thanksgiving and birthdays. On November 24, Maria's mom, Thelma, became the unbelievable age of 80. It was a chance to celebrate with friends and family. We also looked back over old family pictures and remembered good times together. It appears that our parents were having a happy life and great outfits before their children were born.

Company on the Ocean

When traveling on the ocean, without sight of land or other boats, dolphin visits are welcomed with enthusiasm. We still do not know what attracts them to our boat, but we smile, whistle, and invite them to stay while they dance in the bow wave.

Taking the interstate

Driven by the cold of winter and the upcoming schedule of happy family events, the goal of each day was progress to the boatyard and we did not wander from our route. Traveling south on the interstate, we sailed most of the distance off shore. During a passage from North Carolina to Fernandina Florida, a gale provided a fast but uncomfortable ride. Standing at the wheel in a wildly rolling boat with waves washing over the sides was tiring, so we took one hour shifts on the wheel and one hour rest periods braced in deep relaxation. Here is a picture of the slower, but more dignified path on the ICW.