Monday, June 09, 2008

The Godfather 5

The Sopranos may be lost in the land of reruns, but we are pleased to report that a new GODFATHER is in town. Ethan now has his Uncle Nicholas (aka Nick da Brow) to bring him into the family and watch over him. Lucky Ethan.
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Color and more Color

Norah Bear and Baby Ethan will now be able to easily meet their daily requirement of beauty. Linda Sophiasworth made them quilts that rival Joseph's Many Colored Coat for cuddling, curling up, playing, warming up, and living happy.
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Baby Transformed

A big fan of baths with his mommy, Baby Ethan enjoyed his baptism with Pastor Bill. Some of those nicknames will have to be retired now. Are you listening family?
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A high point of the baptism was Ethan's first introduction to his Uncle Marco. “I was really quite shocked”, Baby Ethan reported. “Why haven't I met Uncle Marco before? He really is a good time and lots of fun. Please bring him back soon”
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Happy Birthday Norah

For her first birthday, Norah had a Grand Rapids family birthday party. Norah has not yet developed a desire for presents and center stage. A few minutes into the gifts she attempted the surprise bail out maneuver.
Norah is an enthusiastic cake eater. Who needs a fork when you have tiny hands?

News Flash

On our return to Grand Rapids, we found that history was being made. Ethan has discovered his tongue. Having been unaware of his tongue all of his life, he is working constantly to discover its full potential.
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New Language

Norah may be an example of remote prenatal influence. Years before she was born, Chiara and James lived in China. The Chinese language uses the same word to represent many different things and they use 4 different inflections to identify the appropriate meaning. Norah takes the art of inflection to an unusual extreme, using the word “Bah” with delicate nuance to express her comments, questions, and deep reflections on life.
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Soon the lure of Iowa called us west and we traveled out to see Chiara, James, and Norah Claire. Norah has progressed from sitting up to cruising, having skipped the lowly art of crawling all together. She gets on her feet with a little help, then makes her way around the house, holding on to whatever will take her on her chosen path. This makes for an interesting change in the nature of her surroundings. For Norah, open spaces are a barrier and furniture is her road.

The first Big Event

We returned to Grand Rapids for the wedding of Samuel Vanderwoude and Tammy Darby. They had a beautiful day for their ceremony by a gentle river. Unfortunately, our pictures of the ceremony were a disappointment. The marriage of these two wonderful people will have to be represented by this photograph of the Happy Flower Boy who threw blossoms as he marched like Sherman through the crowd and on to the playground.
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