Saturday, March 20, 2010


After hearing about the Bahamas, seeing the photos, and listening to long, circumstantial tales of daring do, John and Judy were here to find their own adventures.

Storm Warning

Vinnie's brother John and his wife Judy arrived in a flood of wind. We picked them up at the dingy dock and had a wild flight home, John running with a reefed main and jib and the rail in the water. welcome to the Bahamas 2010.
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Time to Paint

Fortunately, we were able to clear the porch of mayhem and lawlessness for moments of culture and learning. Wednesday was Art Class and the painters would gather to work on their compositions with Ed from Maine. The brave and intrepid painted, while the rest of us just admired.

More Bad Birds

We love the Cocker Spaniel chickens, and so it was very disappointing to learn that they too were living on the wild side. Attracted to the bird seed on the porch, they would crowd up the stairs to compel a handout. Fern. Sweetie, and Rosemary even got the director of law and order, Mr. Roo, to break the rules.
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Looking for sugar

As we were singing Happy Birthday to Leslie, the Bananquits arrived. Pretending to be interested in celebrating Leslie (and not the cake icing and Coconut rum), they wandered over the plates, sat on the silverware, smelled the flowers, and surprise - hopped on to the cake. Manjack is having a bird insurrection.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter winds

Although we found old friends, familiar chickens, and favorite places, something had changed. The Bahamas had discovered WINTER. The winds blew west, air temperature was in the 60's, and the water was unreasonably cold. Fashion gave way to socks and outerwear. We were shocked but the lobsters were safe and happy.

Familiar sight

The beach recognised us immediately.
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Good Morning Manjack

Good winds brought us most of the way and after 33 hours we anchored off Manjack in the dark. We awoke to blue skies, green seas, and a boatload of good friends with breakfast fruit smoothies to welcome the day.
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Leaving Ft. Pierce

In late January we completed the essential boat work list and dropped the boat in the water. Since she did not sink as we picked up fuel and water all seemed fine. We were out of the channel as the sun set.
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