Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Into Long Island Sound

We caught the tide down the Hudson and rode it around New York, past Hell gate, and into Long Island Sound. Passing under the Brooklyn bridge we said good bye to the city and the empire state building.

Hook Mountain

One day with the temperature 97, the humidity 70%, and the heat index 110, we decided to hike up Hook Mountain without a trail guide or water. It was great to be on the mountain looking down at the water and our home. The trail went further and rather than turn back, we walked ahead planning to return to the other side of the park. At every turn we greeted the highest hill and promised ourselves that it was the last hill. We stumbled over 4 teenagers with a half gallon of vodka and they gave us directions. In the late afternoon, having gone a different way, we found ourselves far away from the boat and the park, but off the mountain. It is the adventures which stay in the memory.

Bannerman's castle

As we approached Pollepel Island, we noticed small castles sitting in the water.

On shore the gateway opened to a world we were not allowed to go. Looking at the construction, we shouldn't enter if we valued health and well being.

The castle walls sprawled above the island with the sun shining through the windows and breaks.

Despite its disrepair, it was remarkable.

We stayed on the boat, except for several short swims. It was so hot that we watched the sun set through the windows in a quiet stupor.

Along the River

West Point was located on especially lovely area.

Up the Hudson

Along the Hudson were miles of handsome rock islands and cliffs.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Family reunion continued

Thanks to the Nyack Boat Club, we've been able to float on a mooring can in the shadow of the Palisades.

There has been time to swim in mountain streams,

hike along the Hudson,

and relax on the boat.

It has been a wonderful visit with family from New York and far away. Those who could not come were greatly missed but we hope to see you soon and at the reunion next year.

Family reunion

It was wonderful to be together.

Horseshoes were flying.

New family members were welcomed.