Monday, June 27, 2005

We've eaten at a few great seafood restaurants. They are easily identified by a close look at their local patrons. This is "Humphrey" who is waiting for his daily order of fresh shrimp on the shell.
This is the Dismal swamp. It is was hot, humid, and the reflections were brilliant. We went through the oldest locks in the US and met our first feline sailor who attempted to jump aboard.
Some days are so still and quiet that the reflections are as real as the world. We've had some beautiful mornings.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Elizabeth City

We are now in Elizabeth City, NC. Heading for the Dismal Swamp, then the Chesapeake. We have had some difficulties posting photos, but will keep trying.
We went offshore from Wrightsville Beach, NC to Beaufort, NC. A beautiful day on the Atlantic. Quite a change from the marker to marker navigation on the ICW. We came across a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy. Sharks up to 6 feet, maybe fifty or more. Some were below the school of baitfish, keeping them on the surface so that the others could feed. What a site. Unfortunately, we did not think of the camera, so no pictures.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Walking in Beaufort SC

Several times a week we stop to pick up supplies and feel the ground
again. Both Beaufort and Charleston South Carolina had streets lined
with historic homes and churches. Walking tours were great, as long
as they didn't take attention away from the wonderful things to be
discovered off the path.

Cumberland Island

We hiked Cumberland Island on the southern coast of Georgia and
visited the ruins of the Carnegie estate. Now the primary landowners
are animals, including armadillo's, which can scamper at a surprising
pace, and wild horses.

Traveling the ICW through Georgia and South Carolina

The ICW in Georgia and South Carolina has led through beautiful
country. There are miles of Irish green salt marshes inhabited by
egrets, osprey, and heron. There are dolphin everywhere, often
swimming next to the boat. At times we have looked anxiously for a
motor problem, only to find that the strange coughing noises are
dolphin blowing at the stern.