Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hook Mountain

One day with the temperature 97, the humidity 70%, and the heat index 110, we decided to hike up Hook Mountain without a trail guide or water. It was great to be on the mountain looking down at the water and our home. The trail went further and rather than turn back, we walked ahead planning to return to the other side of the park. At every turn we greeted the highest hill and promised ourselves that it was the last hill. We stumbled over 4 teenagers with a half gallon of vodka and they gave us directions. In the late afternoon, having gone a different way, we found ourselves far away from the boat and the park, but off the mountain. It is the adventures which stay in the memory.

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Sue Bradford said...

Half a gallon of Vodka and no vermouth or olives? The horror! The pictures are beautiful. Jim is looking forward to his trip east with Alessia over Labor Day weekend! Take care!