Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Boo Boo Hill

The need to leave a mark seems to be almost universal. Like Camp Driftwood, there are various spots in the islands that host collections of found objects dedicated by the transitory visitor. We made our pilgrimage to the Wardrick Wells garden, Boo Boo Hill, and installed the Amante memorial.

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Asian James said...

Like carving your initials and the initials of your first kiss, permanent writing on bark serves a very sentimental purpose in our life. It serves as a memory of your past, and what you may have learned from it in the present and/or future.

Reading through each of your entries is like looking through a scrapbook. I'm a student whose taking a class in photojournalism so I've learned that photostories like the ones you have set-up in your blog are dear to my heart. It's really well-done so I commend you for it!