Saturday, March 18, 2006

On land in George Town

The signs into town are usually not at the water front, but one morning we walked down the main road and found the welcome not seen from shore.

In town we found the comforts of land life. This is Mom's Bakery. Twice a week, Mom brings in coconut bread and rum cakes, greeting the hordes of hungry boaters with hugs.

Sailors suffer from a common, but underdiagnosed condition called "Cussler Malaise", presenting with a blank stare, vague sense of nausea, and mental toper. Caused by reading a steady diet of mindless drivel, the most effective treatment is reading good books. George Town has responded to this need by allowing cruisers to get a library card and check out or trade books. It is next door to the school and this morning had a good part of the class on the porch.

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