Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hampton VA

We sailed off shore from Fort Pierce Florida to Beaufort NC, (450 nautical miles) and returned reluctantly to the ICW after the seas and wind became rough. A quick run north on the ICW brought us to HAMPTON VA. Vinnie's back had become a serious problem and we parked in the river to find a cure. Richard and Rosa are dock masters. We could not believe how kind, knowlegable, and helpful they were. They were our introduction to a city of wonderful people. Can you imagine a Rotary Club inviting clean, but informaly dressed transients to their dinner and drinks on the dock festivities? Oh yes, we are now seeing a chiroprator whose office staff provide rides back for sailors. (Dr. R. Miers at Bayview ChiropracticClinic) This town is a wonderful place.

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