Monday, August 21, 2006

A toast for Dr. Daniel Spitzer

During the wedding festivities, the family gathered to offer a toast in honor of Dr. Spitzer. We are amazed and thankful for Vinnie's remarkable recovery and wonderful care.

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Hi Vinnie and Maria- What a great picture! I hope you are still feeling super. It was so nice to see you and spend do much time with you both. I miss you already. Hope to see you at Alyssia's wedding. Mary Ellen and I are going to Virginia in October if you are in the area by then perhaps we'll meet up then. Love to you both. MJS

s/v "Belum" said...

Hola Amigos!

Somehow I've misplaced your e-mail, but the blog is great since we always know how to find you. Glad to hear Vinnie is on the mend - what are your plans w/ Amante??? This end, the "Where There Is No Doctor" continues to journey w/ us, although we are no longer on the sea - we did manage to make it to Honduras...absolutely amazing! The Meso American reef and outer island are a classic journey. Highly recommended (just not in hurricane season). Anyhoos, ginally decided to put on our shoes and go back to land in August. Miracle of miracles, Belum was sold in record time to a really sweet couple from New Zealand and is now somewhere in the Chesapeake Bay. As for us, we are Boatless in Brazzaville, back in Central Africa doing the humanitarian thing, this time w/ UNICEF. Olivier is again doing water/sanitation, I'm occupied w/ indigenous peoples a/k/a the pygmies. We'll be here through February 07 and then plan to return to Indonesia, where we are thinking about settling in (assuming such a thing is possible)...and maybe buying a catamaran (horrors!). Hope you are well and that you continue blogging, as well as your journeys w/ Amante.... All the best to you both, Wendy & Oliver