Friday, October 13, 2006

Baskets from home

Women of the Embera tribe weave these baskets with intricate patterns using fiber as fine as human hair. The baskets help to express the beauty and achievements of the Embera culture. This is one of many missions for the Pajaro Jai. During their travels the crew contact other native peoples to share their experiences and learn ways to preserve their culture and develop their future. This beautiful boat carries the dreams of a tribe living in the rain forest of Panama. How amazing that it was built and it is sailed by people who had never seen the ocean. You can find out more on:

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Hi Vinnie and Maria-MJS here, all is well on land in NY. It looks as though your visit to the DC area is over, Mary Ellen and I are going down to visit Tony and Joan on Friday evening for a long weekend (we are flying) sorry we won't be able to get together again. We'll see you in December at the wedding. Be well,we miss you.

Anonymous said...

great baskets...........they look amazing. hope all is well, best wishes
you favorie nephew,

Anonymous said...

Hello Vinnie and Maria, we have landed up in Spain this year, and so are not going to see you out there. We were saddened when we heard you were heading north because of Vinnie's back, and we are delighted that you have managed to get out there again. Enjoy it, I miss it horribly.