Monday, February 19, 2007

Actually, about the anchor

Our stay at Manjack coincided with a series of winter fronts which brought high winds and seas. Without making any excuses about Manjack Harbor, turtle grass, or the limitations of the Bruce anchor; we will admit that on our first night our anchor dragged during some wind gusts. In the dark, the rain, and the howling, we set off to secure the boat. Maria pulled up the anchor 3 times to get a successful set while Vinnie drove around the bay, attempting to avoid the rocky iron shore, other boats, and their anchors. It seems that on land you can live fairly anonymously, but problems on a boat are guaranteed to make you the evening show for everyone else. Bless Bill and Leslie. After our busy night of entertaining they gave us a secure mooring where we have comfortably rocked through the passing storms.


Chiara said...

Glad to see that you survived the night--what a pain. I hope that the weather is better now, and that you get a chance to go swimming!

oreneta said...

Nights like those are just not fun are they. Ah well, at least it got better in the end, and nothing broke.