Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How did we do that!!!

Our many travels to family and friends have brought our odometer to over 206,000 miles. This feat would not have been possible without the support of Scott and Don Hull of Excel Auto Sales in Grand Rapids, MI. Since purchasing the Sunfire in May of 2006, we have put on an additional 20,000 miles. A car running repeated cross country marathons needs occasional repairs, and Scott and Don have treated us like family. They have taken care of all the work, with remarkably minimal charges for parts and labor. Several repairs have been at no charge whatsoever.
If you are looking for a good used car in the Grand Rapids area (actually, anywhere in the Midwest), we highly recommend Excel. Click on the link below to visit their web site. Thank you Scott and Don for taking care of us.
Excel Auto Sales Web Page

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syd said...

How do you get a car fixed for free?