Thursday, February 14, 2008

Question 4:

Does the name "Cloudia" have any significance?


john and judy said...

Is that some kind of vertical axis wind turbine? Or a barber pole?

Anonymous said...

Michael said:

It's a vertical rotating cylinder sail (see:

The fence is to keep the flying fish from flying back at the helmsman after they land on the winglets.

Cloudia is a bit harder. I have two suggestions. One can be found at

or Cloudia might be a character in a play. One of her lines is:

CLOUDIA: So we just need to find a location away from tall structures that might block the wind, with a wind speed of at least 13 miles per hour, and in a place that won’t disturb wildlife.

A sailor if ever I heard from one. She can be found at:

Anonymous said...

Cloudia seems to be missing some of her address. Try:

Anonymous said...

Cloudia's play is at:

oreneta said...

What a fantastic crowd of for the challenge, I'm going to have to think, Michael seems so definitive, I'll have to d some research.

Anonymous said...

Meg's answers.
#1 -It's a floating Barber Shop & all Barber Shop's have striped poles.
#2 - The fences keep the people away from the barber until it's their turn.
#3 - They ran out of red paint.
#4 - It's the name of the Barber's wife.