Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Wise man

While we were dashing about with the Kings on unsecured floor joists and dancing past power tools, the thought of injury did cross our minds, especially since Larry's unfortunate altercation with his chainsaw. However, we left the Kings without a scratch and returned to our own little dingy. Again we learned that we are most in danger when safety seems sure. In summery: the motor died and it managed to hit Maria in the face with Vinnie's elbow while he was energetically trying to get it started in time to avoid hitting a dock. Rats. Leslie provided first aid for Maria at the house as Bill sympathized. When Vinnie arrived he was greeted by Bill. In a moment of profound insight Bill gave Vinnie a big hug and said, "I know you are hurting more than she is." Truly, when you love each other the one who hurts the most is not the one that bleeds.
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