Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cave Home

Little Harbor is a very small community of a few homes, a foundry, and a bar. Except for a light house keeper, the first settler was Randolph Johnson. Johnson was a 46 year old professor of art at Smith College in Mass. when in 1950 he left his job and moved his wife and two young sons on a sail boat. They bought land in Little Harbor and lived in this cave while building their house. It was a slow process and Johnson would leave his family in the cave and sail off to get supplies. We visited the cave, it was dirty, cramped, bat infested, and very uncomfortable. Looked like family abuse to us. Johnson kept a diary titled "The Escapist's Notebook: The Good Life for Those Who Can Take It" and then wrote his autobiography from it. We hear that it contains a wealth of tales about their trials and tribulations.
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