Saturday, December 24, 2005

Back in the boatyard

By early November, we were back to Riverside Marina, where Amante first found us, to do more boat work. Every morning and evening, an army of turkey buzzards soared over the marina. We wondered nervously why we were so popular but enjoyed seeing the huge birds dance in waves above us.

Not being slaves to labor, we took off for 8 days to surprise the family at Thanksgiving. Nicholas managed the secret keeping and logistics beautifully. IT WAS A WONDERFUL TIME. Unfortunately we left our pictures there.

Back in the yard we were able to work long days on the boat, catching sunrises and sunsets in the puddles and masts. We had a small community of other land bound sailors for kvetching, celebrations, and assistance. Thanks to Goat and Tia for kindness, dinners, and the wisdom of the boat yard.

We scheduled the boat launch for a day with gale force winds and generally miserable condtions, but were not deterred. It was more exciting than desired, but successful.

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