Saturday, December 24, 2005

Double Breasted Cay

After a long day sail down Florida's coast, miserable gulf stream night crossing, and another all day crossing Bahamian waters, we were extremely grateful to have a calm, beautiful anchorage. Our thankfulness was further enhanced after we ran hard aground in the shallow channel at sunset and had poor preformance by the transmission while anchoring. It was time to rest and relax, and so we did.

The water was the crystal aqua green seen at only the better hotel swimming pools. Although noted as a major thourough fare on the shark highway, we missed seeing any, although another sailor did catch a lemon shark there towards the end of our stay.

The weather was "unsettled" and so we cleaned out the boat, did some laundry, walked on small islands, and puttered about in the dingy. After almost a week of this leisure it was time to hit the road and find customs.

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