Saturday, January 21, 2006

The storm

The worst front in several years hit while we were in Marsh Harbor. 40 knot winds (for most of us that just means pretty darn strong) swept the anchorage for more than a day and a half. People were doing the anchoring dance as they broke loose and became a danger to themselves and others. The big event occured when a 50 - 60 foot steel trawler (names and further identifing features will be omitted to spare the real persons involved) broke free and began dragging across the full anchorage. The couple, who were older than we are, were unable to raise the anchor and the boat was blown wildly as the Captain raced in and out of the engine room. Two sailors roared up in a dingy and helped them get the boat under control. Those of us in the near vacinity prepared to get out of the way. Jan on Te Amor pointed out that we all have these horrifing moments of fame, "Sometimes you watch the show, sometimes you are the show". Thanks to Pat Vance on Twice in a Blue Moon for this storm photograph.

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