Saturday, January 21, 2006

Violence on the Seas

Life aboard a ship can place the sailor under unpredictable and intense stress, leading to episodes of senseless aggression. On Friday, onlookers at the Marsh Harbor public dock were appalled to observe a man in a dingy strike the female occupant with alarming force. Distant observers, who had read too many cheap novels, imagined he snapped, "Straighten up bitch, or I'll hit you again".
Fortunately, this was not the case. Vinnie was starting the motor with a brisk pull and inadvertantly wallopped Maria a good one. As best we can remmember what he actually said was, "Oh dear, oh dear, are you OK?" No damage done, but Maria has been remarkablely agreeable since.

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Anonymous said...

Maria, the kids were traumatize for a second...maybe grateful that he was taking his aggression out on you and not them. Just kidding. Loved the pictures>>>!!!
Takecare of the bruise...