Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Midnight Madness

It had been a good day. We made dinner, read, and entered the warm comfort of bed. Just as we were heading into deep sleep around midnight, a funny gurgling noise got louder, and louder, and LOUDER. We got up on a floor that was slanting more uncomfortabley to the right by the minute. After an hour and a half the boat was leaning at a 45 degree angle and we were almost sitting on the wall. Here you see our curtain and necklace clinometers. They are measuring our degree of tilt before we reached our maximum angle of anxiety. When done purposefully to work on the bottom of a boat, this maneuver is called careening. In our case it is simply called a mistake.
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Chiara said...

I don't get it--why did your boat do this? Did you run aground?

Looks like Nova Scotia was beautiful! You are missing some horrible weather down the coast, too.

Safe travels! Where to next?

--Chiara James and Norah

Anonymous said...

We can relate to this photo! Unlike Chiara, we know EXACTLY what happened... BEEN THERE DONE THAT! Glad to hear someone else has also ;-)

Congratualtions on getting to NOVA SCOTIA! you sea-faring GIANTS!

Remember to visit us!
XXOO Pat and Michael