Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Nova Scotia Fashion

For much of our time in Nova Scotia the weather was raw cold and we managed to approximate comfort only with creative layering. As we threw on clothing given to us by friends and family we had yet another opportunity to see your generosity. Look for your stuff.

Picture 1: jeans, lined wind pants, rain pants
Picture 2: tank top, t shirt, turtle neck, flannel shirt.
picture 3: hooded sweat shirt, insulated hooded sweat shirt
picture 4: wind jacket, foul weather gear

Thanks to: Francesca Jasinski, Liza Kingma, Meg Herrmann, Syd Smith x 2, Stuart and Thelma Kingma, Bill Bouwsema.

Maria didn't mention that she was wearing this entire ensemble at one time! (V)

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