Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mike and Chrissie

Finally, after years talking and not doing, we managed to bring the boat up to Riverport for a reunion with Mike and Chrissie. Before selling us the boat, Mike and Chrissie sailed Amante (Chinook) for 12 1/2 years in the Carribean and sold her to us in great shape. Although we only met them briefly, we've had reason to thanked them many times over the years. In Riverport Mike and Chrissie visited us, kindly noticing the work we've done while not mentioning that the bright work is sadly waiting for our care. They showed us some of the sights on the La Have River and we had dinner at their house. Although it is clear that they have built a good life on land, it is interesting that their home is almost on the water. The water table is so high that the well in their basement is only 8 feet deep. They may have left the sea, but they still need a bilge pump.
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