Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Welcome to Nova Scotia

Further down the path along the bay was a small house and a woman invited us in to Bump and Nanny's. The house, measuring 12 x 12 feet, included a wood burning stove, 3 small beds, and a sink. There was an out house in the yard and drinking water was jugged out to the island. Nanny told us that she and her husband Bump first set up this camp around 30 years ago. Their son in law had taken his new fishing boat on its first voyage when it lost its engine and went aground on the rocks near the lighthouse. He sawed off the pilot house, dragged it across the island, and the family built it into a cottage. Eventually the ants ate the pilot house and it was again dragged off and a new cottage was constructed, using some of the windows from the pilot house. Bump died about 11 years ago, but Nanny still goes out to stay in the camp. Now her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have camps further down the path. With its beautiful setting, simplicity, picket fence (to keep the goats from pooping on her steps), and small back deck, Bump and Nanny's has become our ideal of a lovely home in Nova Scotia.
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